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At LūME Sales and Marketing Agency, we shine brightly like a beacon of light, guiding your marketing journey from start to finish. Unlike other agencies that lose sight of accountability after generating leads, we remain committed until the very end - this is what sets us apart. By merging our simplified sales consulting processes with cutting-edge digital marketing solutions, we illuminate the path for your sales team to achieve faster and significantly greater returns on your marketing investment. Our sales consulting process revolves around three key pillars: Education, Identification, and Understanding, which will forever transform the way your team engages with customers.

Our mission is to teach every member of your organization how to create a white-glove, dynamic client experience, resembling the gentle touch of a light beam. With our expertise and the power of the latest technology, no matter where you are in the country, we can guide you towards success. Just like a lighthouse for your business, LūME Sales and Marketing Agency, in metro Atlanta, and serving contractors nationwide, ensures that you amplify your ROI and navigate the marketing seas with confidence.

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At LūME Sales and Marketing Agency, we shine brightly like a beacon of light, guiding your marketing journey from start to finish.
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  • Top Tier Trees Case Study

    Top Tier Trees is a Tree Service Company based in the Southeast, U.S. focusing on tree services from emergency removals to stump grinding. We rebuilt a new website and launched an all-encompassing digital marketing campaign.

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  • A&P Painting and Flooring Case Study

    A&P Painting and Flooring, originally A&P Contractors, is a full service, interior and exterior painting company that also specializes in flooring from refinishing, hardwoods, LVP, commercial epoxy and more. We helped them launch their franchise model, bringing on franchisees as partners to oversee unique geographic regions.

    AP Painting and Flooring client web development
  • Forever Exteriors

    FOREVER Exteriors is a family owned and operated roofing and home exterior company serving the states of Georgia, North Carolina and Wisconsin, with future locations on the horizon. They offer specialized services for residential and commercial properties. Each area they operate in presents distinct challenges due to its unique market and climate conditions. They've enlisted the expertise of Best Roofer Marketing to expand their reach in each location and strategically plan the launch of their roofing services in new markets.

    Lume Leads for Contractors | Forever Exteriors Website on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Phone
  • Long View Lighting

    Long View Lighting aka LVL is one of the best electrical and outdoor lighting companies in NW Georgia, serving the greater Atlanta metro. During their years as a loyal Lume client, they have send tremendous growth financial and by way of their team size, hiring more crews and buying more trucks.

    Long View Lighting client web development
  • Quick Pro Plumbing

    Providing homeowners and businesses throughout Atlanta, peace of mind when it comes to their plumbing needs. Quick-Pro Plumbing has graciously left us a video testimonial that explains, widely overlooked KPIs that matter have drastically improved under our marketing guidance.

    QuickPro Plumbing client web development
  • Georgia Roof Advisors

    Owners Naomi & James are widely respected across numerous organizations throughout NW Georgia. When they endorse an agency, other companies take notice. Having had numerous marketing agencies fail, they chose to give Lume / Best Roofer Marketing a chance and are glad they did.

    Georgia Roof Advisors client web development
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Our digital marketing agency in Atlanta, GA is laser-focused on creating a customized solution that ensures you stand out and get results! Understanding not all leads are treated equally, we keep our eyes on both the lead generation and equally as important, maximizing the conversions.

Our team is located throughout Atlanta, GA, Tampa, FL and even parts of Canada. We have personally consulted with over 3,300+ SMB to Enterprise clients since the early 2000s, and we understand the power of speed, simplicity and a repeatable story. As for LūME, our brand has evolved over the years, but our team’s award-winning techniques and expertise remain second to none!


These businesses chose to partner with LūME Sales and Marketing Agency because of our reputation as a guiding light throughout their marketing journey, and as a result, they have experienced a remarkable return on investment with boosted brand recognition, customer engagement, and revenue growth.

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“A good marketing company brings you traffic. A great marketing company brings you leads, sales, and first page rankings. We’re the second kind.”

– Bruce Leffler, Founder

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