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April 8, 2024

Google Local Service Ads effectively allows your plumbing business to reach the right audience. This helps service-based business ads be placed before people search for that need. This approach is a valuable way to appear at the top of Google search results when potential customers search for plumbing services. 

These ads use a pay-per-lead model, meaning that you only pay when a customer contacts you directly through the ad. This targeted marketing approach helps potential clients see your ads when searching for plumbing services. 

​Local Service Ads are a great way to manage your leads and optimize your online presence, which means reaching customers who need plumbing help. 

Understanding Google Local Service Ads

Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) offers numerous benefits for plumbing businesses. Appearing at the top of search results helps your business be seen and stand out from the competitors. It's also helpful that you only have to pay for qualified leads.

Some of the best benefits of using Local Service Ads are: 

  • Targeted Reach: Local Service Ads focus on local customers, providing an opportunity to gain leads within your service area.
  • Google Guarantee: Once your business passes the screening process, you'll receive the Google Guarantee badge. This signifies customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Budget Control: To manage your advertising expenses, you can set your monthly ad budget and adjust it as needed.

The Screening Process and Google Guarantee

Plumbing businesses must be screened to participate in Google Local Service Ads. This process ensures that only reputable companies can advertise on the platform. 

Here are the things that are done during the screening process:

  1. Background Check: Google performs background checks on the business owner and employees to verify legitimacy and trustworthiness.
  2. License and Insurance Verification: Proof of required licenses and insurance coverage must be valid and shown according to industry standards.
  3. Customer Reviews: Google reviews any customer reviews and ratings to ensure your business maintains a positive reputation.

If everything is completed, your business will be considered "Google Screened" and eligible for the Local Service Ads program.

After completing the screening process, your business will earn the Google Guarantee Badge. This shows a level of trust and quality assurance and shows that Google backs your work. 

This also means that if a customer is unhappy with services provided by a Google Guaranteed business, Google may cover the cost up to a certain amount to make things right. Typically, this amount is around $2,000 or less. 

Setting Up Your Local Services Ads Profile

Complete the application process to set up your plumbing company's Local Services Ads profile. You will need to provide a business license and insurance information. This step cannot be skipped, as Google uses it to verify all local businesses. 

After that, you'll create a business profile that will serve as the foundation of your Local Service Ads. Business owners must have updated business hours and information so that local searches are accurate. 

Some of the key elements to include are: 

  • Company name: Clearly and prominently state the name of your plumbing business.
  • Phone number: List your contact number so clients can reach you easily.
  • Address: Although optional, providing an address can improve your visibility for location-based searches.
  • Website: Include your company website to drive more potential customers to learn about your business.

Optimizing Your Profile for Better Visibility

Investing time and effort into your profile can help generate leads. It doesn't have to be hard - here are a few ways that you can optimize your business profile:

Set up your service area: Enter zip codes or city names to define the geographical area your plumbing company serves. This step ensures that your ads reach clients within your service area. You can update your service area whenever your business expands or changes.

  • List the services you provide: Accurately listing the plumbing services you offer helps you connect with potential clients looking for those services.
  • Add customer reviews: Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews on your profile. Positive customer reviews attract more clients and increase your ranking on Google.
  • Add photos: Upload current photos of projects or your team in action. High-quality visuals can significantly boost your profile's appeal.

After completing everything, Google will review the information and activate your account. If you can have a well-constructed Local Service Ad, there is a higher probability that your company will attract new clients and stand out more in Google search ads. 

Targeting Potential Customers

Defining your target audience is one of the most critical factors in using a pay-per-lead advertising platform. Once you learn who your new customers are, you can create ads that speak directly to their needs and wants. Consider the clients you're hoping to attract. Those would be homeowners, property managers, or even local businesses. 

Then, think about how you want to be responsive, affordable, and expert in the plumbing field. 

Use the information to gather and create ads that highlight your business's strengths while being open and able to address concerns. Tailoring your ads to your target audience is a great way to increase client conversion. 

Local Area Focus and Business Categories

You need to focus on your local area to make the most of Google Local Service Ads. Being a local plumbing company in GA means you will want to target potential customers in that area.

This is effective because it helps people in your area looking for searches like "plumbers near me" or "local plumbing services."

To maximize the impact of your ads, be sure that you are: 

  1. Select the correct business category: Google uses business categories to match ads with user searches. Select "plumbers" or the relevant subcategory that best represents your services.
  2. Specify your service area: In the ad settings, provide your service area information accurately to ensure that you appear in searches for users within your target locations.
  3. Consider using location-specific keywords: Including location-based keywords in your ad copy can help communicate your local services focus more clearly to potential customers.

These simple steps can help you attract new customers for plumbing services in your target areas and locations. 

Managing Your LSA Campaign

​Setting a weekly budget is key to managing your Local Service Ads. The budget you create will help determine the number of leads you can generate during that timeframe. The higher your budget, the more leads you'll generate. 

When you are creating a budget, remember this: 

  • The average cost per lead in your industry and location
  • The number of leads per week that you're hoping for
  • Your  marketing and advertising budget

To get the biggest bang for your buck, you need to have a budget strategy in place. Since you're paying per lead, you'll want to monitor the average cost per lead and adjust your budget as needed. 

Below is just a sample of the cost per lead:

WeekAvg. Cost Per LeadWeekly BudgetTarget Leads

It's essential to keep reviewing and adjusting your weekly budget and bidding strategy based on your business goals and performance.

Tracking Leads and Reviewing Performance

Be sure that you are tracking and reviewing the generated leads. Focus on gathering data for phone calls and messages from potential customers. You can monitor the number of leads, the quality of those leads, and then the lead cost. 

Analyze to identify trends and patterns so that you know the positive and negative outcomes. A great way to do that is to consider the days and hours when you receive the most leads—this can be helpful information for creating future campaigns.

Assessing your lead quality can help you make informed decisions about your weekly budget and strategy. A streamlined system that tracks performance can help maximize your campaign to generate more leads. This can result in the growth of your business. 

Tips for Success with Google LSA

Google reviews and review scores are the most important success aspects of Google Local Services Ads. Positive customer reviews will help improve your visibility and stand out from your local competitors. 

Here are some simple tips to make the most of reviews and ratings:

  • Make it simple for satisfied customers to leave reviews on your Google listing by providing them with a link or QR code
  • Respond promptly and professionally to positive and negative reviews, showing potential customers that you value their feedback
  • Keep track of your review score and aim for a rating above 4-stars

Best Practices for Plumbing Service Ads

In addition to reviews and ratings, there are a few other things that you can do to maximize the effectiveness of your Google LSA. These include: 

  1. Optimize bids and ad quality: Optimize your ad quality to outperform your competition. This will increase the likelihood that your ads will appear at the top of search results.
  2. Confirm your business's eligibility: Verify your plumbing business's information with Google to ensure it is eligible for Google LSA. Ensure your business information is accurate and current.
  3. Use specific keywords: When setting up your LSA, use specific keywords related to your plumbing services and target audience.
  4. Monitor your marketing efforts: Track your efforts, including your LSA performance. Regularly review and adjust your bids, keywords, and targeting to improve your ROI (ROI).

Following these simple tips, you can successfully use Google LSA to promote your plumbing services and attract local customers to your business. 

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