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Grow Your Business With Help From the Top LSA Service Provider for Atlanta, GA, and Nationwide

At LuME Sales & Marketing, we help businesses connect with local customers through strategic local ads. You and one of our experienced account managers will control the ads' content because we value collaboration and transparency.
We have a reputation for delivering great results, so whether you need local customers to contact your business more often by phone or want a Google Guaranteed badge to make your business more appealing online, we have the necessary expertise.
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What We Can Do for You and Your Business

We take a multi-faceted approach to sign you up for success.
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Search Engine Optimization

At LuME Sales & Marketing, we help control and increase organic web traffic using proven SEO tactics.
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Web Design

Your customers need a user-friendly, engaging site to view your credentials, services, products, and other relevant information.
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Video Ads

As your LSA service provider, our digital marketing specialists can improve your online visibility, credibility, and connection to new and existing customers using video advertisement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LSAs on Google refer to the ads on the top of search engine results pages. Potential customers within your service areas will see them before traditional paid and organic ads.

A Google Guaranteed badge shows that your business passed Google's screenings and qualifies for Google's Local Services Ads. If customers see a Google Guarateen badge, which we help provide our clients through our LSA services, they're likely to engage with a business. The search engine giant reimburses customers if they have problems with a Google Guaranteed business.

Your ranking on Google relies on several factors, like your business hours, how fast you respond to customers who call or fill out online contact forms, and the number of positive and negative reviews your business has.


These businesses chose to partner with LūME Sales and Marketing Agency because of our reputation as a guiding light throughout their marketing journey, and as a result, they have experienced a remarkable return on investment with boosted brand recognition, customer engagement, and revenue growth.

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Other Home Service Industries We Proudly Serve:

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We service clients nationwide and can provide testimonials all over the country.

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