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Leads are just the beginning.  Now that you have a demand generation program in place, what’s next?  Sounds like it is time to maximize your investment by retaining one of our award-winning professional coaches to catapult your team to the next level.  We help your sales team create a  dynamic and memorable customer experience (CX).  The team will begin selling like they are the owners and your results will skyrocket.

Services We Offer

1:1 B2B Sales Coaching

For the common seller committed to achieving excellence. Every sales professional says they want to be the best, but only a small percentage are willing to do what it takes. This is where greatness occurs.

SMB Gap / Process-Flow Analysis

We are your true coach. We want to know the details about your business inside and out. What you’ve accomplished and what is still outstanding. We analyze that information and create a roadmap to immediately implement. Whatever your challenge, we are here to help you overcome and thrive.

Define a Repeatable Sales Process

At LūME Sales & Marketing in Atlanta, GA, we will coach your team to utilize our simple and impactful sales process. Inclusive of our 3 core competencies, they will quickly begin to Educate, Identify and Understand which in layman’s terms equates to making more sales, faster.

SMB Team Coaching

Have a team of sellers but don’t have the millions of dollars to invest in Corporate America level, world-class training? No problem, we have you covered. With over 20+ years of A-rated sales training, we simplify a complex selling process to ensure your teammates at any skill level can find greatness.

Custom-Branded Infographics

Selling is all about the storytelling. Having built top sales teams for global organizations, we have learned one of the most critical tools in a seller’s digital toolbox is the ability to tell a clear, impactful and repeatable story. Sharing this story over and over again, to as many prospects as possible is key. We create unique products that help non-sellers become great storytellers by following our infographics.

Enterprise Strategy Sessions

We know our way around a boardroom and whiteboard. If you are looking to get creative, solve a complex problem or close a gap with your sales force, we offer remote and on-sight executive strategy sessions. Included are clear goals, takeaway resources to reference and tangible improvement outputs.