The Gap

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There are several things to consider when hiring a digital marketing agency. Some of the more obvious are, do they have the expertise (not experience) that you can rest easy at night knowing you are maximizing every dollar of your ad budget. In addition to expertise, do they understand, not just your business goals and objectives but the next level agency will know what your buyer’s intent is. What is going on in the lives of your customers at the exact micro-moment they decide to look for your product or service. What is that buyer feeling physically or emotionally? Why would they pick you over the countless other competitors who offer the same product or service as you? These are the benefits of hiring LūME Sales & Marketing Agency.

We pride ourselves on forging a true partnership with every new client we take on. Having worked in the sales and digital advertising arena for over 20+ years at global agencies, we have seen a thing or two. Our team consists of not only sales contributors and leaders who have built award-winning teams but who have done it with honesty and integrity.

This is where LūME Sales & Marketing Agency comes in to play. We bridge this monumental gap so your company can not only expect high-quality leads / phone calls from our agency but, we have explosive techniques, designed to help you maximize every opportunity that comes your way. We transform non-sellers on your team into closing machines.

Secondly, we set honest and appropriate expectations. Unlike selling in corporate America, where sellers are forced to produce new client’s month in and month out to meet aggressive quotas, we can remain selective on who we choose to partner with. LūME Sales & Marketing is focused on results and therefore, if we are not certain going into the relationship that we can produce phenomenal results for your business, we simply do not enter that relationship, because it is not in your best interest, period!

At LūME Sales & Marketing Agency, our game-changing differentiator is simple. We have a highly skilled Sales Consulting division that can help you maximize every lead, referral, prospect, or customer that comes your way. Our services include but are not limited to coaching sessions with your frontline teammates. Those that have the first engagement with your customers should create the biggest impact. First impressions are still a real thing.

Throughout our decades of experience we have mastered one of the silver bullets. Sales requires two critical factors: Speed and Simplicity. The faster we can help you simplify your customer's life, the quicker and more frequently you will win.