The Process

Learn how we're helping our client's meet their revenue goals




At LūME Sales & Marketing Agency our core process is built strong like a 3-legged stool. If you remove one pillar, the process will tumble.
Therefore, we are thorough and consistent with each client we serve.


LūME understands you cannot be great at all things, all of the time… So, we are laser-focused on being experts with the services we offer and the industries we serve.


It is a crowded planet. With over 120,000 marketing agencies in the US and half a million plus worldwide, there are sure to be differing opinions from one agency to the next. As for LūME, we seek to immediately identify your business’ specific gaps and recommend the best solutions to close them.


In any partnership, setting appropriate expectations is critical and we make no assumptions. We strive to really understand what is most important for you and your team to achieve with this partnership, so we can deliver.
In addition to the core competencies in LūME Sales & Marketing Agency’s 3-pillar process, we continuously optimize your campaigns performance to ensure you are relevant and maximizing each opportunity. Additionally, from a sales consulting perspective, we evaluate your team’s adoption and provide ongoing coaching.
Our consulting team will analyze the results and measure the improvements.